Microsoft provides a utility, checkdisk, that can help determine the state of your hard drive. The next time you encounter the dreaded blue screen error on Windows 7, you now have an arsenal of solutions to help you fix the computer and get it working normally again. It is just as important to ensure that you backup all the data on your computer to avoid losing any data when you run into system problems like BSOD.

Hardware control options are supported for both AMD and Nvidia cards under Windows. Under Linux most options are supported only for AMD cards.

You can also borrow one from your work colleague if you don’t have any. If you don’t have access to another charger, try yours on another laptop to see if it charges the device.

● If there are bad sectors detected, backup C drive first. Send the disk to professional data recovery center if there are important data on bad sectors. Don’t recover the data by yourself with recovery tools because it’s a destruction of data rather than a recovery of data.

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Just like other power policies in Windows, the contents of the Ultimate Performance policy can be customized. Your AC profile should probably be the highest performance one, because there are no considerations needed for battery life. I recommend setting your Speed Shift value to 64 or lower for maximum performance on this profile.

To disable the Power Throttling feature, ensure that you are signed in as Administrator before proceeding. If an application has “Decided by Windows” underneath it, that means Windows is automatically deciding whether it should be throttled or not. If Power Throttling is disabled on your ftd2xx.dll download system—for example, if you’re on a desktop PC or laptop that’s plugged in—you’ll just see “Disabled” in this column for every application. Scroll down through the list and enable the “Power Throttling” column. Good ventilation makes sure that there is ample flow of air to and from the PC components. If the airflow is blocked, your PC will heat up and enter the state of CPU Throttling.

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In the license server log file, search for the string that indicates whether the server has received or initiated a synchronization request. The line that contains the string and the lines that follow it indicate the role and status of the server. Remove licensed products from a license server if they are no longer needed or in preparation for migrating them to a new server. All licenses for the products that you remove are returned to the entitlement. You can add a new licensed product to a license server after the license server has been created. When you add a licensed product to a license server, you must also set the number of consumed licenses. In the certificate, you can choose to identify the license server host through either its host name or its fully qualified domain name.

Power Throttling can save up to 11% in power consumption by a device’s CPU, but it won’t be available on all Windows 10 devices. The feature only works for devices powered by Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake processors for now, but Microsoft says it will bring support for more processors over time. Just click the Power icon and you’ll see the power mode slider, which has four positions, as shown in Figure A. To do so, Windows 10 monitors app usage and bases its decisions on the demands of running apps and the apps you regularly interact with even though they’re in the background. It will then make sure that apps that are important get the power they need, while apps that aren’t don’t.

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