Windows 10 Bsod

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows refers to the subkey « Windows » of the subkey « Microsoft » of the subkey « Software » of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key. The operation completed successfully », despite no backup file being created. In this guide, you will learn the steps to restore the previous version of the Registry manually from its automated backup on Windows 10. Windows 10 secretly […]

It’s Patch Tuesday; Make Sure You Pause Windows Updates

HyperX NGENUITY is a powerful and intuitive software that will allow you to personalize your compatible HyperX products. Set button bindings, program and store macros, and customize lighting; HyperX NGENUITY gives you as much control as you want. The software also comes with a library of presets, so you can quickly choose one to install […]

Enable Offline Files In Windows 10

In cases where the primary partition is inactive, follow these steps to make it active. That error occurs when the hardware cannot detect the Windows operating system on your computer’s storage. It could also happen if the boot files have gone corrupt. Whatever the case, troubleshooting and running a few fixes can clear the error. […]

Windows 11 Release Date And Free Upgrade Offer Detailed

Second is a rather old-school, a CLASSIC REGISTRY CLEANUP. It shows registry keys and more by different categories and provides an option to fix them individually. When you open the registry tool for the first time, a prompt will appear on the screen, asking for creating a backup of the registries. On the home screen, […]

Fix Hp Laptop And Pc Issues After Windows 10 Update Or Upgrade

dxgi Clone entire Windows or Data hard drive or partitions to an internal or external disk. With Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition, just three steps to recover your data, repair Windows system or reset Windows password. Collectively, these features are known as the Windows shell. It’s a fairly technical process and getting it right is […]

How To Use The Windows Registry Editor Regedit In Windows 10

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE —- Contains computer specific information including installed hardware and software. This is the one users tend to spend the most time in. Remove the blank line if there is one, save the file, and try importing the file into registry editor again. Try not to tinker around with any values of the code in […]

How To Fix Hard Disk Errors

Microsoft provides a utility, checkdisk, that can help determine the state of your hard drive. The next time you encounter the dreaded blue screen error on Windows 7, you now have an arsenal of solutions to help you fix the computer and get it working normally again. It is just as important to ensure […]

Can You Upgrade To Windows 11 From Windows 7 Or 8 1? It’s Complicated

Keep in mind that after you perform an in-place upgrade or repair installation, you must reinstall all updates to Windows. If you suspect Windows XP won’t boot because the master boot record has been corrupted, you can use the Recovery Console tool Fixmbr to fix it. First, boot the system with the Windows XP […]

How To Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

From here, go back and re-enable USB debugging from step No 2 — your bootloader is unlocked so OEM unlocking should be grayed out. You can right-click your Steam client to get the location. To find out where Back 4 Blood is installed, right-click Back 4 Blood in your Steam Library to open properties and […]

Install Docker Desktop On Windows

If you don’t have access to a VPN, a proxy server is a decent alternative. Information that could be accessed includes the user account that launched an app, as well as the app’s memory, CPU, disk and network usage (we are already “sharing” too much info…). In this final section of the Privacy dashboard, the […]